Abhishek Chokhani


The Great Refillers was established on 31st August 2008 with a vision to develop and sustain good quality and service.  We started with remanufacturing printer cartridges and have always used the finest quality supplies, techniques and processes. This has helped us in retaining up to 90% of our customers every year as we could deliver original quality (prints) and page yield consistently!

Over a period of time we have added new products and services such as – New Printers, Cartridges and Printer Services. On May 2012, we were appointed as the sole Distributor of Riensch & Held, Hamburg (established in 1845) for emission control filter for laser printers and photocopiers & dust control filter for PC, UPS, Servers etc. 

Photocopiers and laser printers release nano particles and emissions such as Ozone, Benzene & Toluene during printing process which could be carcinogenic. Our filter eliminates harmful emissions and converts ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2) in a catalytic process.  Thisexcellent filtration efficiency has been tested and certified by various German Laboratories. 

Our team shares a common commitment of reaching customer satisfaction and we heartily thank all our customers & well wishers for their support and for giving us an opportunity to serve them.